Blackboard Labels (10 pack and pencil)

These Blackboard Labels add a touch of style to your allotment, vegetable plot, kitchen garden and greenhouse with the slate effect wooden labels providing clear plant identification...More information

Pack Content: Pack of 10
Size: 26cm L
Product Code: GRE-319
Delivery: £3.95 P&P
Price: £7.95
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Add a touch of style to your garden allotment, vegetable plot, kitchen garden and even your greenhouse plant identification system with these Blackboard Labels - made from wood but looking very much like traditional slate!

Each pack of 10 Blackboard Labels is supplied with a weatherproof white pencil for easy marking of your plant names, varieties and information. You can fit plenty on each 26cm (10") long Blackboard Label and the white pencil can be easily removed at the end of the growing year with an eraser. Both sides of the Blackboard Labels can be used; they'll last you for years and - handwriting permitting - they look the part too!

  • Blackboard Labels supplied in packs of 10
  • Labels measure 26cm (10") in length
  • Each pack supplied with a weatherproof white pencil
  • Slate-effect finish
  • Manufactured from wood
  • Use year after year
  • Ideal for garden, allotment, vegetable patch and greenhouse
  • Large enough to use in house and patio plant pots

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The English GardenMarch 2015

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Marks at the Ready - Blackboard labels and white pencil, pack of 10

Amateur Gardening5th April 2014

Tried and Tested - Garden Markers

'Best Buy' - Features: A generous pack of labels measuring 26cm long x 2cm. Made of wood coated in blackboard paint. Includes a white chinagraph pencil that can be rubbed out with an eraser. Performance: The white pencil proved easy to use and gave lettering that was fairly clear. The longer length of the labels meant there was plenty of space for plant names, which remained legible after the labels were sunk into the ground. Value: Reasonably priced at 50p each - you may quickly use up all 10 as they are suitable for any area of the garden, even to mark clumps of bulbs once foliage has disappeared.

Number of Articles: 2
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