Black Soap

This environmentally friendly black soap solution is an efficient natural cleaning product for home and garden and an effective deterrent against a host of garden pests 
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Size: 250ml
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Discover the many benefits of our solvent-free, natural cleaning product which has been traditionally produced in Marseilles for over a century.

Black Soap is an environmentally friendly solution for use in the garden and home and an effective deterrent against a host of garden pests.

Made from olive oil, it is completely biodegradable and is an efficient, effective natural cleaning product. Black Soap is also a permitted product for use by organic gardeners. 

In the garden:

  • add to water for an effective spray to protect your plants from greenfly, mealybugs, red spider mite, etc.
  • add to Bordeaux Mixture to increase its efficiency
  • clean your tools and then reuse the water safely on the garden
  • spring clean your polytunnel, greenhouse or potting shed without damaging plants or seedlings
  • can be used straight from the tube on damp cloth to remove grease and dirt from the barbecue

 And in the home:

  • to use diluted use 2 x 5ml spoonfuls to 5 litres of warm water
  • use it for floors, work surfaces, cookers, dishes, copper, silver, windows, leather, laundry
  • to shampoo your pets ...  

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Kitchen GardenOctober 2015

Get Cleaning

With the growing season winding down a little now, it's time to start thinking about giving everything a good clean. Help is at hand with this product. French in origin, the black soap can be used on all sorts of things, from floors and tiled surfaces to barbecues to windows.

Number of Articles: 1
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