Bio Green Digital Thermostat

This digital thermostat from German manufacturer Bio Green gives reliable heating control for greenhouse heaters up to 3000w...More information

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This mains digital thermostat gives accurate control of your growing temperatures and is ideal for use with soil warming cables, greenhouse heaters or any other heating device that has a 13 amp mains plug.

Easy to operate, the required temperature is set using push buttons and the temperatures clearly show on the large digital display.   This thermostat also removes any need for wiring expertise. 

  • Digital Thermostat
  • Temperature range 0-40ºC (32-104ºF).
  • Temperature measured by an encapsulated thermistor
  • Sensor on the end of a 1 metre cable.
  • Maximum operating load is 3000w
  • Clear digital display
  • Temperature regulated by touch of a button
  • IPX4 rated

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