635 Litre ComposTumbler

2 Year Warranty!

The 635 litre Compostumbler is ideal for larger gardens, the tumbling action speeds up your composting, producing nutrient rich compost in as little as 2-4 weeks
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Size: 1.7m H x 1.3m W x 1.2m D
Product Code: GCO-185
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Perfect for larger gardens, the Original Compostumbler holds up to 635 Litres of garden waste in the large, rust resistant, galvanised steel drum. The gear-driven handle makes it easy to turn even when full and with just a few turns a day can create compost in as little as 14 days in optimum conditions. 

The Compostumblers help you make your own nutrient rich compst, perfect to noursih your soil and also help build up disease resistance for stronger healthier plants, and most importantly bigger harvests!

  • Holds up to 635 Litres of garden waste
  • Measures 68"/173cm High x 50"/127cm Wide x 40"/102cm deep
  • Drum stands 27"/68cm off the ground
  • Drum is made from rust resistant galvanised steel
  • Frame is made from tubular steel with black powder coated finish
  • Aerator/Drainage units on the door to prevent waterlogging
  • Screened vents in the end caps for air circulation
  • Gear-driven handle on frame for easy turning
  • Attractive Sage Green colour
  • 2 Year Warranty

What's So Great About Compost Made From the Compost Tumbler?

  • It's superior, more nutrient-rich compost than you can get from a messy compost pile - because the nutrients can't leach into the ground!
  • Builds disease-resistance in all kinds of plants!
  • Rewards you with bigger yields and better quality vegetables and beautiful flowers!
  • As a mulch, it virtually "smothers" annoying weeds, retains moisture in your soiL, feeds your growing plants and stabilizes soil temperature to ensure steady, healthy, growth.
  • Offers you a smart recycling solution for your organic waste - more important than ever in these days of overflowing landfills!
  • Builds humus - living, actively decaying organic matter in your soil - that improves soil structure, texture, fertility, drainage and aeration.
  • Lets you make your own superior "custom" potting soil that grows hardier, healthier houseplants!
  • Acts as an attractive mulch that feeds your soil while it helps to keep your garden looking neat and clean!
  • It's easy to make - finished compost in as little as 14 days in optimum conditions

Success with your ComposTumbler is almost guaranteed when you follow the easy tips and compost 'recipes' you'll find in the valuable guide to making compost. "How to Make Superior Compost" - it's your's FREE with your ComposTumbler!

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Make compost fast By Gillian Dixon-Spain 5 20th July 2014

Finally a way to hot compost without back breaking work. Initially I thought that it wouldn't hold much material but that is not the case and I have been regularly adding a good mix of grass clippings cardboard and wood chicken litter along with kitchen waste. Result steaming compost. The booklet on compost making that is included is excellent too.

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design By Ambrose Burton 4 24th June 2013

I have two minor criticisisms 1. as you need access from the front to load, unloading from the side is a waste of land. 2. when you get heavy rain water can enter the composter arround thr loading hatch and getting into the liquid collection buckets if a drip bar was fitted between the lower pannel joints this would be prevented. Otherwise I am delighted with the results

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Large composter By Anonymous 5 12th December 2012

The composter was quite tricky to assemble but seems sturdy and practical. Have only just started to use it but seems to be doing the job.

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Compostumbler Infographic

FREE booklet with every purchase of a ComposTumbler

Designed to make your understanding of the process as easy as possible and will serve as a quick reference guide for every aspect of your compost making experience.

Compost in 14 Days!

The ComposTumbler uses a unique process to make great compost in 14 days.You can make compost in 3 easy steps with a ComposTumbler.

Collect Organic Waste
1. Just collect a variety of organic waste materials from your yard, property and garden. Put them in your ComposTumbler, close the door, and immediately give the drum 5 turns.
Turn Your Compost
2. Give the drum 5 turns every day, once a day, for the next 13 days.
Finished Compost in 14 days!
3. On the 14th day open the door and tumble out your finished compost.

Be sure the mix of ingredients you put in contains wastes high in nitrogen and carbon for a good balance.