Garden Forks

Garden forks can get their fair share of heavy use and even abuse, so we have selected a range of the highest quality, hand forged forks from Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer Tools to resist all the garden can throw at them.

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GGT-047 5 stars. Premier Digging Fork The Premier Digging Fork is a traditional style carbon steel fork, solid forged from one piece to give extra strength and durability in the garden and has a T shaped FSC Ash handle..
GGT-538 Great Dixter Tickling Fork This long handled Sneeboer Great Dixter tickling fork enables you to weed borders and tight spaces between plants and work the soil without crouching or bending your back.
GGT-931 5 stars. Sneeboer Long Handled Fork The Long Handled Sneeboer Fork is designed for working on your beds or borders with the minimum of effort thanks to the extended ash handle, consigning back ache and straining to the past!.
GGT-484 5 stars. Burgon and Ball Border Fork The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Stainless Steel Border Fork is a smaller Fork, ideal for ladies and for general cultivating and for working in borders or on allotments.
GGT-988 5 stars. Sneeboer Ladies Fork Don't think the Sneeboer Ladies Fork is exclusively for female gardeners; this perfectly proportioned and exceptionally well-balanced 4-tine stainless steel fork will be coveted by gentleman and lady gardeners alike!.
GGT-375P 5 stars. Sneeboer Hand Fork This little Sneeboer Hand Fork is one of those rare tools that you'll never be able to manage without once you've used one; the three high quality steel tines are tough enough to dig and cultivate soils of all types and conditions.
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GGT-488 Burgon and Ball Digging Fork The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Stainless Steel Digging Fork is a super tough fork for cultivating large beds with longer handle to save your back.
GGT-471 4 stars. Sneeboer Digging Fork Reckoned to be the best Sneeboer have ever produced, this Digging Fork is lighter than previous models (it weighs in at 2kg) but is heavy duty enough to cope with digging over the largest of beds..
GGT-891 5 stars. Great Dixter Planting Fork The 59cm long Great Dixter Planting Fork makes cultivating the 'middle ground' of raised beds - sometimes a difficult task - much easier, and spells the end of struggling with oversized full length tools.
GGT-903 4 stars. Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork Although the name is quite specific, don't be fooled into thinking that the Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork is a one-trick pony; this versatile little fork is extremely useful for a vast array of garden tasks where care and attention are paramount.
GGT-892 Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator We can think of three good reasons why the Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator should be first choice for your raised bed cultivations - and each is made from stainless steel, sharpened to a point and rip through soil with ease.
GGT-493 Burgon and Ball Hand Fork The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Hand Fork has hardened tempered steel prongs to withstand tough cultivating..