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We are passionate about our gardening here at Harrod Horticultural and encounter the same pests, diseases and general garden problems as everybody else in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden.  

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Gardening in Raised Beds

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Raised Beds

I can either make four 4x4 raised beds or two 8x4 raised beds and cannot decide which would be best to order. Would the four smaller beds be better in terms of trying to rotate the beds? Two larger beds would however give me more space to walk around the beds.

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Pond Covers or Pond Netting?

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Pond Care

My pond has been cleaned out of fish by what appears to be an otter. Would it be safe to use galvanised netting over the pond? I have heard conflicting reports about it being harmful to fish.

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Problems with Water Feature

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Watering

In a rectangle small flower bed, I have a small water feature which consists of a tank, sunken into the ground , the capacity of which is about 15 to 20 litres. The problem: The water smells within a few days due to earth worms, the odd slug and wood lice falling into the water tank, and I guess this is part of the cause of the smell.

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Camellia not flowering

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Seeds, Plants & Trees

I bought a Camellia shrub in 2012 I think it was (sorry can't remember what type but think it is a red flowering Camellia) however to date it has never flowered. It was in a small pot when I purchased it from a supermarket. I re-potted it last year into an 8-10 inch pot because it had not flowered.

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Applying Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer

Answered by Expert Gavin Archived in Category Pest Control & Nature

I want to apply another large outdoor pack of nemasys vine weevil killer just in case, but as growth appears good I wonder if I should order an autumn 2014 /spring 2015 pack on basis that if no grubs are currently active then I would be wasting the spring/autumn 2014 box.

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