Garden Spades

A spade is the mainstay of any garden tool shed and is one of the most used tools by gardeners, thats why we have selected from Sneeboer Tools a range of garden spades that are built to last and all hand forged by renowned Dutch tool maker Sneeboer.

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GGT-345 5 stars. Sneeboer Transplanting Spade The Sneeboer Transplanting Spade is a unique, robust V-shaped tool designed for transplanting trees and shrubs and to protect surrounding plants. Fitted with a fine quality Ash handle and complete with shoe/boot protectors.
GGT-003 5 stars. Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels These Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels are likely to prove very popular this winter available in a carbon steel finish, they'll be more than tough enough to cope with heavy snowfalls for years to come.
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GGT-045 Premier Garden Digging Spade The traditional style Premier Garden Digging Spade is solid forged from one piece to give extra strength and durability in the garden and has D shaped handle grips..
GGT-540 Great Dixter Planting Spade As much of our planting is done on our hands and knees, this short handled Great Dixter planting spade with a narrow head makes digging larger holes easier and less arduous than using a hand trowel.
GGT-465 5 stars. Sneeboer Large Spade The Sneeboer Large Spade brings pedigree and reputation to the garden in equal measures - and whether you're turning over an allotment, vegetable patch or decorative border, this spade really delivers.
GGT-355 5 stars. Sneeboer Ladies Spade The Sneeboer Ladies Spade is an effective smaller garden spade which - despite the rather specific name - is suitable for gardeners of both sexes with a vegetable border or bed to dig over, a trench to excavate or turf to slice through.
GGT-485 Burgon and Ball Border Spade The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Stainless Steel Border Spade is a smaller spade is ideal for ladies, for general digging and for planting in borders.
GGT-360 5 stars. Sneeboer Pointed Spade The Sneeboer Pointed Spade is a traditional design but all those years of history haven't dulled the effectiveness of this extremely effective spade; boring into difficult ground isn't a problem and neither is navigating around crowded borders.
GGT-908 5 stars. Sneeboer Perennial Spade So called because it was designed to divide perennial shrubs, the dwarf-sized Sneeboer Perennial Spade is a welcome and most useful addition to any garden.
From £49.95


GGT-489 Burgon and Ball Digging Spade The Burgon and Ball Stainless Steel RHS Endorsed Digging Spade is a super tough spade with large blade for deep digging and longer handle to save on your back.
GGT-983 5 stars. Ladies Long Narrow Spade Ideal for digging, dividing and generally working in a confined space, it's true to say that the Sneeboer Ladies Long Narrow Spade has been designed with the fairer sex in mind - but we're sure when there's a job to do in a densely planted border or vegetable patch, both gentleman and lady gardeners will have no hesitation in reaching for this quality tool!.
GGT-495 5 stars. Burgon and Ball Mens Groundbreaker Spade The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Mens Groundbreaker Spade is a super tough spade with pointed sharpened head for significantly easier digging and a FSC ash handle with comfortable Y grip.