Aluminium Fruit Cages

Aluminium Fruit Cages are the most cost effective fruit cage for crop protection - with a natural non-rusting finish, supplied with heavy duty fruit cage side netting, high quality anti-bird fruit cage roof netting and secured with rigid expanding connectors, you certainly get a lot  for your money.

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GDN-160 5 stars. Aluminium Fruit Cages Our Walk-In Aluminium Fruit Cages and Vegetable Cages provide effective fruit and vegetable protection, come with 10 year guarantees and use quality aluminium tubing and connectors to make it the strongest fruit cage in its class.
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GDN-165 2 stars. Additional Aluminium Fruit Cage Door Kit This Additional Aluminium Fruit Cage Door Kit is made from the same 'strongest in class' 25mm diameter tubular aluminium and is designed to fit our popular walk-in Aluminium Fruit Cages.
GDN-709 5 stars. Harrod Slot & Lock® Storm Proof 1.8m Walk In Fruit Cage The Harrod Slot Lock Storm Proof Fruit Vegetable Cage is a superb value 1.8m high walk-in fruit cage, especially for fruit and vegetable growers, providing a simple and cost effective way to protect your plants.
From £95.00


GDN-166A 4 stars. Universal Aluminium Cage Braces If you plan to erect your walk-in aluminium fruit and vegetable cage on a site that regularly experiences high winds, and /or if the soil condition is light and sandy, we recommend the addition of these Aluminium Fruit Cage Braces to give your cage extra rigidity.
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GAR800P 5 stars. Aluminium Fruit Cage Spare Connectors to fit 25mm Tubing Spare Aluminium Fruit Cage connectors to fit our Walk in Aluminium Fruit Cages - designed to fit 25mm aluminium tubing.
From £0.90


GDN-959 4 stars. Harrod Single Zip Net Access Strip The innovative patented Single Zip Net Access Strips fit easily onto netting to provide quick access to your crops ideal for use on our Slot Lock Vegetable cages and Aluminium and Steel Fruit Cages.
GDN-848 5 stars. Harrod Double Zip Net Access Strips The innovative patented Double Zip Net Access Strip fits easily onto netting to provide quick access to your crops ideal for use on our best selling Steel Aluminium Fruit Cages.
GDN-108 4 stars. Heavy Duty Foot Plates The steel, zinc plated foot plate for the fruit cage door hinging upright is supplied as standard with steel fruit cages but is not included with the door kit for aluminium fruit cages, so we've made the footplates available separately.