Garden Rakes

Garden rakes are one of the most useful and highly used garden tools and come in a range of styles to suit various gardening tasks, that's why we have selected a comprehensive range to give you the ideal rake for any gardening job.

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GGT-046 Premier Garden Rake This Premier Garden Rake is a traditional style garden rake with 60 handle and 12 strong shaped steel teeth so that the rake head glides effortlessly along without dragging or snagging. Easily draws stones and debris towards you and breaks down large lumps as you push the rake away from you.
GGT-370 5 stars. Sneeboer Rake The traditional fine toothed Sneeboer Rake is ideal for preparing seed beds, raking borders, preparing areas for turf and plenty more garden tasks - and the long handle and and 8 sharp tines make this rake a pleasure to work with.
GGT-886 5 stars. Sneeboer Leaf Rakes These Sneeboer Leaf Rakes make clearing up fallen leaves, petals and other garden debris a breeze - with a 20 tine, 37cm wide head model and a 15cm wide 7 tined version both available, there's no longer anywhere for leaves to hide in the garden.
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GGT-954 5 stars. Scarifying Rake The sight of an approaching Sneeboer Scarifying Rake is something to make moss and lawn thatch cower and with 6 sharp stainless steel blades which makes easy work of removing stubborn lawn moss - also cutting grass roots to stimulate extra root growth - it's not hard to understand why.
GGT-420 5 stars. Sneeboer Hand Rake The Sneeboer Hand Rake is perfect for tidying up and preparing small beds and borders for seed, working away effectively in areas a larger rake would find impossible.
GGT-328 5 stars. Sneeboer Gravel Rake Make your gravel driveway or garden paths the envy of the neighbours with the Sneeboer Gravel Rake; boasting a motorway wide 55cm head and 14 sharpened stainless steel teeth, this rake will leave your gravel as flat as a carpet.
GGT-346 5 stars. Sneeboer Narrow Tine Rake - 10 Tine Remove stones and other unwanted debris from seed beds with the Sneeboer Narrow Tine Rake which, with a 24cm wide head supporting 10 sharp tines, will soon become a firm favourite in the potting shed!.
GGT-888 5 stars. Sneeboer Hand Rake Boasting seven stainless steel tines and a cherry wood handle, this Sneeboer Hand Rake will see you through plenty of leaf clearing autumn seasons.
GGT-894 Sneeboer Raised Bed 7 Tine Rake The Sneeboer Raised Bed 7 Tine Rake is your doorway to fine tilth in your raised beds and with 7 stainless steel tines doing the hardwork over a 10.5cm wide area, the rake is ideal for working in the close confines of a raised bed.
GGT-472 5 stars. Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake The practical Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake has a multitude of uses in the garden and the narrow rake head (10cm wide with 8cm deep tines), in tandem with the long handle (174cm overall), allows for accurate work from a distance.
GGT-492 Burgon and Ball Ground Rake The RHS Endorsed Burgon and Ball Ground Rake is a tough, wide headed garden rake, ideal for spreading, grading and levelling soil..