Waterbutts & Accessories

Water Butts are essential items for gardeners as plants grow so much better when watered with rainwater – not to mention this valuable resource is free – so plumbing in a water butt also makes total economic and environmental sense.

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FREE raintrap with Harcostar Butts

(applies to 227ltr & 350ltr)

GWT-275 Cascata Water Butt (245 litre) An attractive 245 litre rain water butt with built in planter combines traditional terracotta styling with the durability of modern plastics and is able to withstand extremes of temperature... Read more £155.00 View £4.95 P&P GWT-522 5 stars Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt & Free Rain Trap Comes with a FREE Rain Trap! The Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt, like all the Harcostar water storage systems, is manufactured in the United Kingdom using the very latest technology, making garden water collection simple... Read more From £54.45 View £4.95 P&P GWT-535 5 stars Harcostar 350 Litre/77 Gallon Water Butts & Free Rain Trap Comes with a FREE Rain Trap! The 350 Litre Harcostar Water Butt is ideal for capturing valuable and free rainwater for your garden plants and to help you tap into rainwater collection, we're also supplying a FREE rain trap with every water butt... Read more £99.95 View £4.95 P&P GWT-540 5 stars Harcostar Space Saver 100 Litre Water Butt The Harcostar Space Saver 100 Litre Water Butt is perfect when space is at a premium and its unobtrusive, compact size makes it a favourite for collecting rainwater from greenhouses and sheds... Read more From £33.95 View £4.95 P&P GWT-251 Water Butt - Garden Lake 200 Litre This attractive wood-grain effect water butt is a cost effective way to store up to 200 Litres of rainwater, perfect for watering your vegetable crops during drier months ... Read more £49.95 View £4.95 P&P GWT-568 Raincatcher 200Ltr Black The Raincatcher 200 Litre rain tank offers a great alternative to traditional style waterbutts, it is easily wall mounted and being only 20cm deep is an unobtrusive and practical way of storing harvested rainwater... Read more £189.00 View £0 P&P GWT-680 5 stars Oak Barrel Water Butt The Oak Barrel Water Butt provides a great opportunity to add a real feature to the garden and start saving valuable water immediately; and you can collect plenty of it thanks to the 227 Litre capacity of this genuine, ex-distillery oak barrel... Read more From £122.95 View £12.95 P&P GWT-778 4 stars 235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt Get the oak effect but at just half the price with this heavy duty 235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt, complete with a child safety lid, drain off tap and cut out section for an inlet pipe (not included)... Read more From £84.95 View £4.95 P&P GWT-037 5 stars EM Ceramic Chips Keep recycled rainwater in your water butt fresh, energised and uncontaminated for 10 years by hanging a bag of these EM Ceramic Chips inside. They're also great at reducing slime build up in ponds too... Read more £16.95 View £4.95 P&P GWT-566 Raincatcher 750Ltr Black Tank The Raincatcher 750 litre is a unique and practical british made rainwater tank for storing larger volumes, a great solution for the increasingly common hosepipe bans ... Read more £315.00 View £0 P&P GWT-684 Brass Frog Tap Frogs are good for the garden anyway with their slug devouring habits a particularly welcome trait, and the Brass Frog Tap will only increase your admiration for these helpful amphibians... Read more £29.95 View £3 P&P GWT-086 Fold Flat 170 Litre Water Butt The Fold Flat 170 Litre Water Butt gives you a near 200 litre rainwater storage capacity boost in seconds and folds flat for easy storage once empty ... Read more £29.95 View £4.95 P&P