Harvesting Tools

Our harvesting tools enable you to reach that juiciest apple, pear cherry, plum, berry or currant which always seems to be in the least accessible location with the minimum of effort, and it's not just fruit growers which have all the harvesting fun; we've got plenty of implements and clever devices for picking vegetables too!

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GGT-017 Folding Berry Picker Clip this compact Folding Berry Picker to your gardening attire and head out for a berry and currant showdown where there's only going to be one winner ... Read more £19.45 View £4.95 P&P GGT-241 5 stars Fruit Picker Basket & Handle Don't let all your hard work throughout the year go to waste by dropping ripe tree fruit when harvesting - the Fruit Picker Basket Handle is just perfect for collecting fruit from those uppermost branches... Read more From £33.90 View £4.95 P&P GGT-254 5 stars Apple Picker This Apple Picker is just the job for picking those hard to reach apples and pears. Simply put the wire teeth around the stem of the fruit and gently pull, the foam cushioned liner will prevent bruising... Read more £12.95 View £4.95 P&P GGT-010 5 stars Berry Picker Make the harvesting of berries easy with this clever device. The sturdy berry picker has a comb to separate the berries from the stem and can make harvesting of the fruit up to ten times faster than hand-picking... Read more From £12.95 View £4.95 P&P GGT-008 Vegetable Harvesting Knife A quality harvesting knife will prove invaluable when picking your vegetables and this purpose built harvesting knife with serrated teeth on a curved blade will ensure a clean cut everytime... Read more £9.95 View £4.95 P&P GDN-434 Stainless Steel Wire Harvesting Trugs (Set of 3) It's not always trouble that comes in threes; this set of Stainless Steel Wire Harvesting Trugs certainly bucks that trend and the wire mesh design allows carefully nurtured home grown fruit and vegetables to be collected, washed and drained... Read more From £46.95 View £4.95 P&P GGT-342 Sneeboer Asparagus Knife This asparagus knife from Sneeboer has been designed to make harvesting your asparagus spears simple, with a sharp blade to cleanly and quickly slice through the stems... Read more £19.95 View £4.95 P&P GCG-125 Traditional Sussex Trug The traditional Sussex Trug is a real customer favourite, made using traditional techniques to create a strong, durable and charming trug, popular for collecting fruit, vegetables and flowers... Read more £54.95 View £4.95 P&P