Lawn Tools

Quality lawn tools are a must if you want to keep your lush green garden carpet looking that way; when you consider what a lawn has to go through each year, it's hardly surprising that a little TLC is required!

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GGT-981 5 stars. Wheeled Lawn Scarifier Lawn moss and thatch have every right to be scared when this highly efficient and operator-friendly Wheeled Lawn Scarifier rolls into town as the 11 stainless steel blades make short spring and autumn work of the material you don't want blighting your grass.
GGT-899 4 stars. Sneeboer Lawn Aerator The traditional hand forged Sneeboer Lawn Aerator easily removes cores from the lawn to relieve compaction and encourage air circulation, key for strong grass root growth.
GGT-954 5 stars. Scarifying Rake The sight of an approaching Sneeboer Scarifying Rake is something to make moss and lawn thatch cower and with 6 sharp stainless steel blades which makes easy work of removing stubborn lawn moss - also cutting grass roots to stimulate extra root growth - it's not hard to understand why.
GGT-270 4 stars. Heavy Duty Hand Leaf Grabs These tough polypropylene hand grabs will be a popular addition to your garden tool collection, perfect for collecting grass cuttings and tidying Autumn leaves .
GGT-276 SaleLawn Spike Aerator Simply push the Lawn Spike Aerator across the lawn and the offset spikes will cut a slot into the lawn surface for maximum aeration to encourage grass growth.
Was £34.95Now £22.95
GGT-274 SaleHollow Tine Aerator The Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator has 4 hollow tines that each remove a complete core, reducing lawn compaction and improving drainage helping to create a thick lush lawn.
Was £19.95Now £12.95
GGT-496 5 stars. Burgon and Ball Half Moon Lawn Edger The Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Half Moon Lawn Edger is perfect for creating professionally neat and clean lawn edges, the stainless steel head gives clean movement through soil and the unique serrations slice effortlessly through ground.
GGT-071 5 stars. Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears Endorsed by the RHS, these ultra-lightweight Burgon and Ball long handled shears will create the crispest of lawn edges with minimal effort and strain. .
GDN-683 5 stars. Burgon and Ball Topiary Hedge Shears These super-lightweight 750g aluminium handled Topiary Hedge Shears feature highly pointed blades with black rubber grips and cushion stops to reduce jarring.
GGT-072 Burgon and Ball Lawn Shears These ultra-lightweight Burgon and Ball long handled lawn shears have been endorsed by the RHS and are great for cutting grass in places the mower just can't reach, around trees or other garden features .