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Rockdust is a fantastic natural source of minerals which helps to rejuvenate soils, helping boost soil fertility and plant growth - and each 20kg bag covers an impressive 40 square metres...More information

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Rockdust is a fantastic natural source of minerals which helps to rejuvenate soils, helping boost soil fertility and plant growth - and each 20kg bag covers an impressive 40 square metres

Mined from Scottish quarries, this remarkable volcanic rock dust is a natural method of adding essential trace elements to your soil to boost its fertility and nutritional value.

Available in 20kg (covers 40 sqm) bags and if these aren't enough for your garden, try our 1 tonne bag of Rock Dust for size!

  • Natural source of trace elements and minerals wich can be lacking from soil
  • Scatter Rock Dust on the soil surface and rake in lightly
  • Apply all year round but optimum time is during the winter months
  • 20kg bag will cover 40sqm
  • Ideal for use with home composting - just add to the heap
  • 1 tonne bag of Rock Dust also available
  • Please Note: there is a maxium of 2 bags per order - Ordering 2+ bags? Please call for a P&P quote

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Rock Dust By J Shergold 5 1st March 2013

I have read a lot about rock dust and its minerals but not had the chance to use it till now. I have spread it around my allotment so I will see in the next few months how much difference it wil make to my strawberries and in my hot house tunnels.

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Magic Dust By NEED CLIENT IDS 5 7th May 2011

I have just purchased more Rock Dust. I am feeding my allotment with nutrition like it's never had before. In turn, I will be eating foods richer in nutrients and therefore creating a healthier garden and a healthier me! Both of us more resistant to 'attack'. Just love it. A natural product for my organic garden. But I really want to keep it a secret....

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Rock Dust By Anonymous 5 14th January 2011

Good value and arrived much more quickly than we expected, thanks

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Below you'll find a few glowing references from satisfied Rockdust converts.

I would just like to add my few words of praise for nature's great wonder SEER Rockdust.

Since 2004 I have been running a garden maintenance business and since 2007 I have been treating some of my customers gardens with this wonderful natural and very simple to use product.

The results have  been outstanding, such as 20 year old rose bushes, on their last legs, now growing strong shoots and flowers in profusion, herbaceous borders looking thicker and more lush and old potted plants rejuvenated.

Previously sceptical customers are telling me what a difference the SEER Rockdust has made and when am I going to put more on this year.

Not having run any control experiments, I don't have photographic proof, but people are telling me how much better their gardens are looking since we started applying SEER Rockdust.

Pam Marston, Down To Earth Garden Service, Tockwith, North Yorkshire

Cork, Southern Ireland
March 2008

'I’ve used SEER Rockdust for over a year in my polytunnel to good effect and I now think it is essential in a small intensive cropping system. After a bumper crop of early METEOR PEAS last summer, I thought I would follow with a trial of BRUSSEL SPROUTS, inside.

Here in West Cork we are 600 ft. above sea level and winter brassicas take a real bashing and my sprouts have never done really well. After the peas, the soil was redressed with 0.5kg of SEER Rockdust per square metre, and duly planted with BRUSSEL SPROUT plants.

The results amazed me! They never stopped growing, some reaching seven feet. Even in the polytunnel they were going to need support. I thought the sprouts might be leafy and blown, but this was not so. They made fine hard normal sized sprouts and just kept cropping – FANTASTIC results and I will certainly do this again!

As a keen organic gardener I am not looking for super sized vegetables but rather good healthy crops with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. I believe that Seer Rockdust will help to achieve this.'

David Shead


Pitchlory, Perthshire

'Due to the weather & serious lack of time, I didn't manage to get my raised beds planted up in until early July this year. I really thought I had left it too late to get any results for this season. I am now, however, absolutely delighted to report that what has happened has been nothing short of phenomenal & this is all thanks to the SEER Rockdust.
Most of the crops were ready for picking only a few weeks after planting, & I even had a double crop from my Strawberries!
The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY NO WEEDS in the SEER Rocksoil. Previously, I had bought a few tons of top soil & the results had been so bad, & weeds so prevalent, I had to get rid of it all - what a waste of money!

A READY SUPPLY OF FRESH HERBS FOR OUR CHEFS right at the back door. Our Head Chef is out there every day harvesting the crops for our guests - the flavour is superb & all organic which is a real bonus.

The RAISED BEDS HAVE ALSO PROVED TO BE A GREAT SUCCESS. The benefits of these are that they require less bending for planting & picking, avoid the rabbits & nobody needs walk on the soil as they would in a normal garden. There is also good protection from the elements & at the hint of a frost, I can quickly cover with fleece to protect vulnerable plants.
I would always use SEER Rocksoil for any new shrub or flower beds now, because if it does this for your vegetable garden, it will be fantastic for shrubs & flowers - little or no weeding - what a joy! If anyone wants to see for themselves, would be delighted to show you round.

Yes, I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying you have something really exceptional here. It is marvellous to see a mixture of what is a by-product of quarrying & a by-product of gardening being put to good use - every power to your elbow!'

Lesley McGown
East Haugh House Country Hotel and Restaurant 


September 2008

'Having read about SEER Rockdust success I decided to give it a go in my allotment this year and I am now both surprised and pleased with the results.

I have run this allotment for 12 years and I can honestly say that this year I have produced the best crop of POTATOES ever – yes, the only difference has been the use of SEER Rockdust.

I can also report that my run of the mill GLADIOLI have grown into a prize standard crop and my DAHLIAS have put on a brilliant show - the ONIONS are also doing exceptionally well.

Yes, I am well impressed with SEER Rockdust and I will be using it with my competition roses in 2009!'

Tony Bracegirdle
Royal National Rose Society Champion


Logie Coldstone, Aberdeenshire
December 2007

'In 2007, although I thought my Flower Borders were doing reasonably well, I did think that they were capable of putting on a better show of flowers so when I discovered SEER Rockdust, I decided to try it.

As per the instructions on the bag, in February 2008, I gave it a surface dressing of 0.5kg per square metre and I am pleased to say that the results in 2008 speak for themselves.

The soil is reasonably good as it was previously agricultural grass land and whilst the garden would probably have developed further this year in any case, with no additional mulching or fertiliser, I have to say SEER Rockdust has produced better 2008 results.'

Brian Cockburn

What The Press Say

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Grow Your OwnMarch 2014

March's Wish List

This entirely natural plant supplement can easily be added to veg beds. Seer Rockdust is a finely ground and freshly crushed volcanic rock that's said to have plenty of nutritional benefits. The team has been sent plenty of positive comments by veg-growers. Customers experienced great crops of runner beans, bigger alliums with less white rot and sweetcorn that was twice the usual size. It didn't stop there, with reports of cauliflowers avoiding stem rot for the first time, leeks with great root systems and large, healthy brassicas.

Organic Garden and Home5th January 2009

Encourage Your Garden's Worms

We added the Rockdust and compost to the soil in the autumn and by the middle of last year each spadeful of soil has a worm in it. Now we are digging up our fabulous parsnips and cabbages.

Number of Articles: 2
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