Remin Volcanic Rock Dust - 20kg Bag

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Remin volcanic rock dust is a fantastic natural source of minerals which helps to rejuvenate soils, helping boost soil fertility and plant growth - and each 20kg bag covers an impressive 40 square metres...More information

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Remin soil and compost remineraliser volcanic rock dust adds essential minerals and trace elements to help grow healthy plants, boost soil fertility, invigorate composting and is also ideal as a tonic for wormeries.

Supplied in 20kg bags which cover an impressive 40 square metres, this volcanic rock dust is organically approved and can be used throughout the garden to rejuvenate soils and encourage stronger, healthier plants and bigger harvests.

  • Natural source of trace elements and minerals which can be lacking from soil
  • Scatter Remin volcanic rock dust on the soil surface and rake in lightly
  • Apply all year round but optimum time is during the winter months
  • 20kg bag will cover 40sqm
  • Ideal for use with home composting - just add to the heap
  • 1 tonne bag of Remin volcanic rock dust is also available
  • Do not apply in windy conditions
  • Please Note: there is a maxium of 2 bags per order - Ordering 3 or more bags? Please call for a P&P quote

Remin Volcanic Rock Dust contains the following naturally occurring nutrients:

Remin rock dust nutrients table

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its a natural product By Anonymous 5 9th April 2015

This will give the garden a different range of minerals instead of the other natural products which am sure will enhance the health benefits of fruit and veg and hopefully the quality

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Rock Dust By J Shergold 5 1st March 2013

I have read a lot about rock dust and its minerals but not had the chance to use it till now. I have spread it around my allotment so I will see in the next few months how much difference it wil make to my strawberries and in my hot house tunnels.

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Magic Dust By NEED CLIENT IDS 5 7th May 2011

I have just purchased more Rock Dust. I am feeding my allotment with nutrition like it's never had before. In turn, I will be eating foods richer in nutrients and therefore creating a healthier garden and a healthier me! Both of us more resistant to 'attack'. Just love it. A natural product for my organic garden. But I really want to keep it a secret....

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Application to Soil & Compost

Top Dressing: Spread at any time of year unless frozen or windy conditions.

Minimum: 0.5kg per square metre (good handful / square yard)

Mixing: Mix well trhough compost / soil at 1kg per 50Litres of compost

Plant Pots, Tubs, Baskets: Sprinkle level teaspoon onto 15cm(6inch2) surface of composu or soil and water in as usual. Two applications per year. 

Watering in: e.g. put 1cm in empty 2ltr milk container, fill with water. Shake, let settle and water. Refill. Lasts as long as the water darkens. Do not over water!

Application to Wormeries

Sprinkle small handful per 30cm2 (1ft2) onto surface of your wormery every month. Try a small area with this amount and see the worms congregate. 

Application for Compost

Each time you add a new layer of compost to your compost bin or pile, add sufficient to make a light covering over the surface that you can easily see through. Gardening material is found to break down into compost quicker, reach a higher temperature and odours are found to be reduced.

Storage & Safety: Store under cover. Do not apply in windy conditions.

What The Press Say

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Grow Your OwnMarch 2014

March's Wish List

This entirely natural plant supplement can easily be added to veg beds. Seer Rockdust is a finely ground and freshly crushed volcanic rock that's said to have plenty of nutritional benefits. The team has been sent plenty of positive comments by veg-growers. Customers experienced great crops of runner beans, bigger alliums with less white rot and sweetcorn that was twice the usual size. It didn't stop there, with reports of cauliflowers avoiding stem rot for the first time, leeks with great root systems and large, healthy brassicas.

Organic Garden and Home5th January 2009

Encourage Your Garden's Worms

We added the Rockdust and compost to the soil in the autumn and by the middle of last year each spadeful of soil has a worm in it. Now we are digging up our fabulous parsnips and cabbages.

Number of Articles: 2
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