Insulating Garden Fleece & Plant Jackets

Our insulating garden fleece and plant jackets will protect your vulnerable seedlings, young vegetable and herb plants and valuable pot plants from harsh winter weather. Our extensive range includes quality non-tear 30gsm garden fleece, overwintering tents, pot jackets and plant jackets to suit all types of plants and pots as it is essential to protect the roots of potted plants from frost.

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Netting, Mesh & Fleece Special Offer Packs

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GNE-064 5 stars Garden Fleece 30gsm Our Heavy Duty Garden Fleece will protect your plants against frost and will also stop wind, hail, birds and insects damaging your plants. This strong, reusable 30gsm plant fleece is UV stabilised, tear resistant and drapes easily over plants... Read more From £4.50 View £4.95 P&P GDN-035P 5 stars Garden Fleece 17gsm This 17g Insulating Fleece provides protects against frost, wind, hail, and also stops birds and insects, a permeable, white UV stabilised, spun-bonded 2mm square mesh insulating fleece is light enough to lay directly over plants... Read more From £14.95 View £4.95 P&P GDN-989 5 stars Fleece Plant Jackets Protect your plants through winter with these 3 year UV stability guaranteed Fleece Plant Jackets - gone are the days of struggling to protect your valued outdoor specimens with an unruly sheet of fleece, these quality fleece jackets make the job easy... Read more From £10.95 View £4.95 P&P GDN-857 Mammoth Plant Jacket Not a plant jacket for Mammoths but a completely reliable, 100gsm zipped and drawstring secured winter coat for large shrubs and small trees... Read more £87.95 View £4.95 P&P GDN-889 4 stars Insulated Pot Jackets These tough, rot-proof, easy to store and re-usable large Pot Jackets will protect vulnerable roots of container-grown plants from cold and frost damage... Read more From £15.95 View £4.95 P&P GDN-996 Maxi-Fleece Frost Covers It's not always possible to bring frost susceptible non-hardy potted plants inside for the winter and if that's the case, then you'll need the help of the Maxi-Fleece Frost Covers to fight off biting winter winds and frost... Read more From £7.50 View £4.95 P&P GDN-804 Overwintering Plant Tent Send your vulnerable potted plants on a frost free winter camping trip in your own back garden with the Overwintering Plant Tent, fully loaded pop up winter protection tents an Everest expedition would be glad to use... Read more From £394.00 View £4.95 P&P