Garden Tools

Superior garden tools for all jobs, Sneeboer tools are hand forged stainless steel gardening tools including trowels, garden forks, spades, rakes and bulb planters. 

The right tool for the job is a phrase you've probably heard hundreds of times and never does it ring truer than with garden tools; there's really no excuse for not matching the job with the right garden tool and our extensive range of premium quality garden tools has every job covered. 

It's also true that a good quality garden tool will serve you for years and it's often more cost effective in the long run spending out on a decent spade or fork you'll be using daily. Our range of Sneeboer tools fit the bill perfectly, being hand forged from stainless steel, built to last with a 10 year steelwork guarantee and able to tackle any job thrown at them. 

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Harvesting Tools

Harvesting Tools Our harvesting tools enable you to reach that juiciest apple, pear cherry, plum, berry or currant which always seems to be in the least accessible location with the minimum of effort, and it's not just fruit growers which have all the harvesting ...Read More View Product Listings

Garden Trowels

Garden Trowels If there's one tool in the garden you really couldn't be without, it's a trowel - and that's why we have selected a range of the highest quality garden trowels from dutch manufacturer Sneeboer Tools.

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Garden Spades

Garden Spades A spade is the mainstay of any garden tool shed and is one of the most used tools by gardeners, thats why we have selected form Sneeboer Tools a range of garden spades that are built to last and all hand forged by renowned dutch tool maker ...Read More View Product Listings

Garden Forks

Garden Forks Garden forks can get their fair share of heavy use and even abuse, so we have selected a range of the highest quality, hand forged forks from Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer Tools to resist all the garden can throw at them.

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Garden Hoes

Garden Hoes Our range of garden hoes from Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer Tools boast all the features that set Sneeboer apart from other garden tool manufacturers - extra length ash handle, stainless steel hand forged blades and the quality of workmanship - ...Read More View Product Listings

Garden Weeders & Cultivators

Garden Weeders & Cultivators Our selection of weeders and cultivators are all hand forged from the finest stainless steel by Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer, to make sure you have the ideal weeding tool or cultivator for your garden. 

From the heavy duty fork and ...Read More
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Bulb Planters

Bulb Planters A Bulb Planter is a handy addition to any gardeners tool shed, perfect for planting spring flowering bulbs, but these handy bulb planters are also great to make planting holes for potatoes and other corms and tubers.  

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Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes Garden rakes are one of the most useful and highly used garden tools and come in a range of styles to suit various gardening tasks, that's why we have selected a comprehensive range to give you the ideal rake for any gardening job.

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Children's Tools

Children's Tools Gardening is getting more and more popular with children, it is actively encouraged at most schools, so what better way to fuel their enthusiasm that getting them their own tools to use at home. 

Growing your own fruit and vegetables ...Read More
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