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 A. Geopod Heated Propagator with Lights
This dual purpose heated propagator extends the daylight whilst propagating simultaneously. Its 2 lights sit in specially designed grooves in the lid and emit a spectrum of light that guarantees lush green growth and prevents seedlings becoming weak. The heated
B. Vitopod Heated Propagator
Watch your seeds, cuttings and plants thrive in this award-winning temperature controlled electric propagator, mini greenhouse and cold frame combination. For super-fast, healthy and reliable growth, each size is also available with 2 x fully adjustable grow lights (60cm L for single length and 90cm L for double length).
• Temperaturecontrolaccurateto1°Cwitharange of 5 to 30°C.
• Evenlyheatedbaseandenergyefficient.
• Externalwaterproofelectronicthermostatcontrol with hanging hook and internal temperature probe.
• Splashproof heated base tray with no hot or cold spots (Single – 50 watt, Double – 100 watt).
• UVresistantclearacryliccovers,builttolast.
• Largeadjustablehumiditycontrolventsinlidandside.
• SingleLength56cmLx55cmW;SingleLayer24cmH
• DoubleLength111cmLx58cmW;DoubleLayer39cmH
• Lightsandextensionkitsavailableseparatelyonline.
Single Length & Single Layer
GPR-315 £159.95 • GPR-330 (with grow lights) £254.95
Single Length & Double Layer
GPR-305 £184.95 • GPR-331 (with grow lights) £299.95
Double Length & Single Layer
GPR-310 £189.95 • GPR-332 (with grow lights) £309.95
Double Length & Double Layer
GPR-300 £249.95 • GPR-333 (with grow lights) £379.95
propagator base can be set from 5°C to 30°C and the high dome lid gives plants plenty of growing space.
Standard (37W) 62cm L x 42cm W x 28cm H - includes 2 x 60cm (24 Watt) Lights GPR-093 £169.95
includes 2 x 90cm (39 Watt) Lights GPR-091 £204.95
Double Length
Single Layer with lights
                   42 I • 0333 400 1500 (local rate)
Single Length
Double Layer without lights

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