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   Long lasting steel growing supports for summer and autumn raspberries and espalier forms. Each design has the ideal spacing and configuration of steel posts and wire to achieve optimum growing.
• Fullygalvanisedandpowdercoated matt black upright posts (decorated with ball finials) and support cross bars that are made from 25mm square
x 1.5mm thick wall steel.
• A2mmdiameterhighstrength, galvanised multi-strand steel cable passes through holes in all posts and features professional gripple system tensioners, which allow you to easily secure and tension cable for supporting
up to 400kg of plants.
A. Harrod Espalier Growing Frame
• 1.6mhighabovegroundandinserts40cm into ground.
• BuyaFRAMESTARTERKITbychoosing a length span. Each kit is complete with 2 uprights, crossbar, 6 professional gripple system tensioners, 6 cable clips and fixings.
• BylinkingsingleuprightFRAME EXTENSION KITS you can achieve any required length.
• Addourhighstrength2mmdiameter multi-strand galvanised steel plant SUPPORT CABLE (B). Calculate length by adding together the distance of each continuous frame section, add 1m for the end loops and then multiply by 3.
• OPTIONALBRACE(C)with40cmsteel pin will give the frame extra support in soft soil. We advise using on frame systems of 2+ bays long with one used per upright.
Starter Kits Extension Kits 1m L ARC-175 £135.00 ARC-168 £75.00
1.5m L ARC-176 £150.00 ARC-170 £85.00
2m L ARC-177 £165.00 ARC-172 £95.00
Starter Extension Kit Kit
B. Galvanised Steel Plant Support Cable 2mm WIR-005 £1 per metre
C. Brace ARC-173 £30.00 per brace ARC-735 Set of 2 £55.00 SAVE £5
  A. Harrod Espalier Growing Frame
                      Steel Gripple & Cable
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