Seedling Potting Riddle

The Seedling Potting Riddle will ensure seeds get off to the best possible start, the 20cm dia. riddle with a 4mm galvanised mesh creates the perfect grade of compost for planting seeds and is compact enough for single-handed use...More information

Pack Content: Single Item
Size: 20cm dia. x 7cm high
Product Code: GRE-191
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £12.95
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The Seedling Potting Riddle will ensure your seeds get off to the best start with a fine sieved tilth as the 4mm galvanised mesh sieve creates the perfect grade of compost for planting seeds into trays and is compact enough for single-handed use. The Seedling Potting Riddle has a base diameter of 20cm and measures 7cm in height.

  • Seedling Potting Riddle is a 4mm galvanised mesh seedling sieve with plywood rim
  • Base measures diameter 20cm x height 7cm

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Number of Articles: 4
English GardenJanuary 2016

Warm up for early Sowing

Essential kit to get plants and seeds underway through the cold months. Sieve for Seedlings - Seedling Riddle with 4mm mesh - Harrod Horticultural

Amateur Gardening2012-03-26

Tried and Tested - Sieves with Julia Heaton

Gets the job done well and is a good price for a handsome tool. Sifting was easy with this light weight riddle. It took a suitable amount of compost without any falling out. The mesh removed all the coarse material from the compost to produce a fine potting medium. Also made light work of covering seeds during sowing.

Number of Articles: 4
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