Pear & Quince Trees

Sustainably Grown, Soil Association Certified Pear & Quince Trees

  • Picked For All Round Performance & Vigour
  • High Quality Fruits With Great Taste
  • Soil Association Approved Organic
  • Maiden Pear Trees Perfect For Bush, Espalier & Cordon Growing
  • Sustainably Grown Trees

Like the pears you'll hopefully produce and enjoy, the varieties of pear trees and quince trees we offer have been hand-picked for their quality, taste, growing vigour and all round performance.

Grown on Quince A and Quince C rootstocks (moderately vigorous and semi-dwarfing respectively), the maiden pear trees are perfect for growing in bush, espalier and cordon forms - and don't forget you'll need a pair of pears for pollination purposes!

As we're a helpful lot, we've provided plenty of pruning, picking, storing and pollinating information on the relevant product pages in addition to the siting, planting and training tips which accompany your pear trees, allowing you to get the very most from your sustainably grown, Soil Association certified organic pear stock.

Pear & Quince Trees

Organic Pear & Quince Trees