Hot Peppers!

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After recording a temperature of 41 degrees C outside the greenhouse recently, you’d certainly be forgiven for thinking that’s as hot as it gets – but as the chilli peppers inside start to develop, the temperature is only going to rise!

The name of the cultivar is a giveaway – Ring of Fire – and I’m going to keep a careful eye on these hot little chaps throughout August, and remove early chillies whilst they’re still green. Why? Apparently, this practice encourages more intense cropping and you can still leave the green chillies to ripen on the windowsill.


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By Anon21st September 2011

Ring of Fire!

I've tried Ring of Fire on a pizza once and it nearly blew my head off! I like hot chillies though, so can anyone recommend a variety not quite as hot? Posted by: Old Boy at September 9, 2006 07:02 PM

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