Harrod Link Stakes Natural Rust

Our New Link Stakes are made using thicker steel (up to 6mm) which develops a Natural Rust finish over time, blending effortlessly into both traditional or contemporary gardens and carry a 5 year guarantee...More information

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New Superior Design

Thicker (6mm) steel wire - 5 year guarantee!

The New thicker (up to 6mm) Steel Natural Rust finish Harrod Link Stakes evoke a sense of history and blend effortlessly into both traditional or contemporary gardens. These link-stakes are supplied in degreased plain steel which quickly develop an even rust coating that goes on to get even better over time.

Link-Stakes Plant Supports can be placed in the border before or after plants have grown and can be easily adjusted at any time during the growing season and offer discreet support to all types of ornamental plants, flowers and vegetables.

They should push easily into cultivated soil but if you've stony or compacted soil, try our Link Stakes Hole Former - a 52cm long, 8mm diameter steel rod which pushes aside stones with ease!

  • Harrod Natural Rust Link Stake Plant Supports are available in seven sizes from 30cm to 100cm and supplied in packs of 12 or 24
  • Strong and sturdy, creating a timeless elegance in the garden 
  • Many plants are vulnerable to damage from wind and rain unless properly staked
  • Our New Natural Rust link-stakes are supplied in degreased plain steel thicker wire (up to 6mm thick)
  • All stake sizes are made from 6mm thick steel wire except 30cm and 45cm heights which are 3mm thick
  • Simply link stakes together to ring fence floppy plants 
  • Will last for decades and will age superbly over time
  • Aim to stake your plant about half way up its full height and allow a few inches in the ground
  • The most effective and versatile way to support plants throughout the border
  • 5 year guarantee

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