Creating a Trade Account

We want to make it easy for you to begin trading with Harrod Horticultural. To create a trade account we require a completed Credit Application Form.  We require a signature on the form so please print out, complete and then return via email to or fax to 01502 582456.

Information on completing the Credit Application Form

  • Please note this is a multi purpose form and it needs to be printed out to be completed as it requires a signature.
  • If you are a school you only need to complete the contact details of where we are to send the invoice and indicate from the tick boxes the type of school.
  • If you are a registered charity please let us know your charity number.
  • Schools / Charities - please leave blank the trade references, bank details and directorships sections – these are only required by private businesses requiring a trade account.
  • If you are a business or charity please complete as many sections as possible, if you have a VAT and Company reg number you can leave blank the trade references, bank details and directorship sections.
  • If you can make sure you complete the credit limit required and also make sure there is a signature on the form before returning to us – either by email  or fax(01502 582 456)
  • Please note all orders placed on account / 30 days nett need to be placed in writing either on e mail to  or faxed to us on 01502 582 456.
  • Where possible we require a purchase order number

If you have any queries on completing the form please email us on  or call 0333 400 177