Cherry Trees

Soil Association Approved Organic Cherry Trees

  • Carefully Chosen Varieties With Great Flavour
  • Create Your Own Desserts & Sauces
  • Raised Organically To Soil Association Standards
  • Self Fertile Cherry Trees
  • Grow As Bush or Fan Cherry Trees

Perfect for growing as bush cherry trees or training into a delightful fan, our cherry tree varieties insist upon a sheltered, non-frosty site and being self fertile will happily get on with producing bucket loads of fruit alone.

Raised organically to Soil Association standards, your cherry trees will be accompanied by siting, planting and training advice and we've also provided on-screen information on when to prune, harvest and plenty of other invaluable tips. 

And once your cherries are established, if any make it back to the kitchen from the garden - they're so easy to eat en route! - you'll be able to concoct all sorts of home-made sweets and desserts!

Cherry Trees

Organic Cherry Trees