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Our traditional RHS endorsed obelisks, plant supports and trellis offer handmade quality, maintenance-free solutions that are made
to last. They’ll provide practical yet stylish additions to your outdoor space, which perfectly complement our Southwold furniture for a timeless look.
  Endorsement excludes Wall Trellis
 • Madefrom25mmboxsectionsteelandsolid10mm gauge round steel wire.
  • 25YEARGUARANTEEDSTEELFRAMEWORK (excludes surface corrosion).
  • Hotdipgalvanisedforrustprotectionwithahand etched finish offering a unique aged patina that will develop over time and improve with age.
  • SteelBoxSectionRoundObelisksassemblewith stainless steel fixings and anchor 30cm below the ground. Concrete in for extra stability, if required.
  • SteelBoxSectionPyramidObelisksalsoassemble with stainless steel fixings but do not require ground anchoring.
  • VintageSteelWireRoundObelisksareonepiecefully welded and secure rigidly to the ground with the
supplied robust 12mm solid reinforced steel bar anchors that are 30cm L (4 per obelisk).
  • Allobeliskheightsquotedareaboveground.
Applies to obelisks and trellis
Round Column Obelisk
2.11m H x 0.5m Dia. ARC-896 £295
Grand Round Column Obelisk
2.28m H x 0.65m Dia. ARC-897 £325
Pyramid Obelisk
2.11m H x 0.6m W. ARC-898 £295
Grand Pyramid Obelisk
2.5m H x 0.77m W. ARC-899 £450
Vintage Steel Wire Round Obelisk
Small 1.55m H x 0.33m Dia. ARC-881 £160
Medium 1.8m H x 0.40m Dia. ARC-882 £175
Large 2.05m H x 0.47m Dia. ARC-883 £195
SAVE 15% - Set of 3 Small/Medium/Large ARC-901 £450 Lobster Pot Plant Supports
Supports delphiniums, roses, clematis, dahlias, peonies, or other herbaceous plants.
47cm Dia. x 75cm H - 6 legs ARC-884 £130
55cm Dia. x 93cm H - 6 legs ARC-885 £150
65cm Dia. x 110cm H - 6 legs ARC-886 £175
SAVE 10% - Set of 3 - Small/Medium/Large ARC-902 £409 Trumpet Plant Supports
Historically used to support peonies but the striking shape
can be used to support many types of plants.
40cm Dia. Top x 60cm H - 4 legs ARC-889 £70
50cm Dia. Top x 60cm H - 5 legs ARC-890 £80
60cm Dia. Top x 60cm H - 5 legs ARC-891 £90
60cm Dia. Top x 90cm H - 5 legs ARC-892 £99 SAVE10%-Setof3-60cmHx40cmDia.,60cmHx50cm Dia. & 60cm H x 60cm Dia. ARC-900 £216
Decorative Wall Trellis
Zinc plated steel hook brackets and fixings included which keep panels and plants 25mm from the wall.
0.65m W x 1.7m H ARC-888 £220
0.95m W x 1.7m H ARC-887 £260
        Lobster Pot Plant Supports
Trumpet Plant Supports Decorative Wall Trellis
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