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Wire Grid Roof
     With this elegant, beautifully engineered structure you can add a practical and stylish outdoor living area to the home. It will bring interest and form to a terrace, patio or deck as well as provide shade, shelter and the opportunity to enhance with climbing plants.
High Quality & Durable Framework
• Strongvisualaestheticsandstructuralstrength.
• Mainstructuralsection63.5mmx63.5mmextruded aluminium, 3.25mm wall thickness.
• Cornersarecrisplydefined,jointsareneatanduniform.
• Hightemperaturepowdercoatedinanthracite.
• Boltstogetherwithdiscreetstainlesssteelfixings.
• Suppliedwithfootplatesandcanbefittedtoall surfaces, above or below ground.
• Floorfixingboltsavailableseparately.
OptionalFloorFixingBolts(4perupright)ARC-8694Pack£20.00 ARC-486 8 Pack £35.00 • ARC-487 16 Pack £70.00
 Harrod Modern Pergolas £19.95
 2.4m H
3m x 3m 3m x 6m 3m x 9m
Wire Grid Roof ARC-835 £2,155 ARC-836 £3,435 ARC-837 £4,595
   Grey Retractable Awning Roof
ARC-832 £2,495
ARC-833 £4,495
ARC-834 £6,445
Ivory Retractable ARC-905 £2,495 ARC-906 £4,495 ARC-907 £6,445 Awning Roof
           Roof Options
• WireGrid-roofareacoveredwith8x3mmdiameter
stainless steel wires – 4 in each direction – for creating a fragrant living canopy with climbers and ramblers.
• RetractableAwning–high-grademarinecanvas awning in either ivory or grey for sun shade and shower protection. Suspended from 3mm diameter stainless steel cables, which allow it to be retracted and opened with the supplied pole. The awning has integral aluminium battens and is attached to the support wires by stainless steel carabiners that can be easily removed for storage.
              BESPOKE SIZES AVAILABLE Please call 0333 400 1444 or email
 78 I • 0333 400 1500 (local rate)

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