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• Keeps borders tidy and holds back low plants. Also ideal to keep pedestrians or vehicles from straying onto lawns or corner cutting.
• Overlap the solid 6mm steel hoops at about 10cm each side for a firm edge. Set to follow the curves of borders or lawn edges.
• Allow approx. 3 hoops to the metre.
• Round or Gothic Top designs - 40cm W x 40cm H.
• Galvanised powder coated matt black steel or plain steel ready for rusting.
UK manufactured from 6mm diameter steel. Available in rustic finish, which quickly develops an even rust coating.
• 5 YEAR STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE (excludes surface corrosion).
Round Top Round Top
Gothic Top Gothic Top
Pack Black
6 GPS-775 £31.00 30 GPS-777 £145.00
SAVE £10
6 GPS-779 £31.00 30 GPS-781 £145.00
SAVE £10
GPS-774 £21.00
GPS-776 £95.00 SAVE £10
GPS-778 £21.00
GPS-780 £95.00 SAVE £10
Plant Girdle Supports
• Allroundsupportfor herbaceous plants
• Double-upwiththe 180 degree design for total enclosure
Medium (2 rings) 41cm W x 76cm H Rustic (Pk of 2) PSU-007 £23.95
Large (3 rings) 41cm W x 100cm H Rustic (Pk of 2) PSU-009 £27.95
Double Arc Plant Supports
For taller, top-heavy plants such as Asters, Sedum and Shasta Daisies.
Medium 41cm W x 74cm H Rustic (Pk of 3) PSU-002 £16.95
Large 43cm W x 99cm H
Rustic (Pk of 3) PSU-004 £18.95
Round Top Edging Hoops
Gothic Top Edging Hoops
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