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   B. HotBin Composter & Kit
These two HotBins bring together the right conditions that makes hot composting easier. They consistently hold temperatures between 40-60°C to enable rich compost to be produced faster - compost in 30 days and mature material in 90 days. These hotter temperatures mean you can recycle more types of household waste, even food waste like cooked meat/bones/fish too.
• Fully insulated walls keep it hot for rapid composting.
• Hinged airtight lid reduces smells and unwanted visitors.
• Helps promote temperatures of 60°C in top layer.
• Integral lid mounted thermometer.
• Air inlet and outlet for effective aeration.
• Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature.
• Biofilter unit to stop any unfriendly smells.
• Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin.
• Easy to remove hatch door panel to take out mature compost.
• Features a winter kick start heater.
• Includes 25 litre bag of bulking agent & raking stick.
200 Litre Hotbin GCO-016 £270.00
100 Litre Hotbin Mini GCO-042 £199.00
C. 328 Litre Beehive Composter
This attractive pressure treated wooden design includes a hinged lid that keeps rain out and helps insulate your fermenting compost. Alsofeatures a bottom panel that is removable to allow for easy collection of well rotted material. 74cm D x 76cmWx90cmH. GCO-113 £224.95
Nemaslug Natural Slug Killer
Apply when soil temperatures 5°C+.
6 weeks’ protection. 2 & 3 stage treatment packs sent at 6 week intervals.
Small Pack (40 sq.m. coverage) GPC-265 £13.95
2 Stage GPC-273 £22.90 SAVE £5 3 Stage GPC-271 £34.85 SAVE £7 Large Pack (100 sq.m. coverage) GPC-270 £24.95
2 Stage GPC-274 £43.90 SAVE £6 3 Stage GPC-276 £65.85 SAVE £9
Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer
Apply when soil temperatures 5°C+.
6 weeks’ protection. Spring/Autumn Packs - 2 deliveries, April and September.
Small (up to 12 sq.m.) GPC-275 £9.95
Large (up to 100 sq.m.) GPC-280 £32.95
Small Spring/Autumn Pack
(2 x 12 sq.m.) GPC-137 £16.90 Large Spring/Autumn Pack
(2 x 100 sq.m.) GPC-138 £58.90
Nemasys Natural Fruit
& Veg Protection
For Carrot Root Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Leatherjackets, Cutworm, Onion Fly, Sciarids, Caterpillars, Gooseberry Saw Fly, Thrips & Codling Moth. Apply when soil temperatures 12°C+. 2 weeks’ protection.
1 Pack (60 sq.m. coverage)
GPC-029 £6.95
2 Packs GPC-030 £8.90 – SAVE £5
Postage & Packing £3.95

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