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   Fruit Tree Cover
Harrod Fruit Tree Cover
Ideal for protecting cherries, plums and apples from birds. UV stabilised 10mm square mesh, it is quickly erected by fitting fibreglass poles together that feed through a sleeve in the netting. The pole is anchored to the ground and the top end bends over the tree allowing the netting to be draped around.
A cord is attached to the zip access, which can be pulled to close up the netting and there is a drawstring around the base. It comes in a small handy carry bag. 3.5m H with a diameter of 2.6m. GNE-561 £69.00
Harrod Fruit Tree Sleeve Rolls
Protect precious cherries and other tree fruits from birds, aphids
and adverse weather
as well as encourage faster ripening. The UV stabilised reusable fine grade mesh sleeve is available in 2 diameters (17.5cm for cherries & 30cm for mature fruits). The sleeve slides over the branch and is cut to length. Both ends of the sleeve are then clamped with the supplied quick release ties to achieve end-to-end branch protection. Instructions and 40 releasable sleeve ties included with each 10m roll.
10m Roll 17.5cm dia. GNE-169 £17.95
3 x 10m Rolls 17.5cm dia. GNE-376 £48.85 -
10m Roll 30cm dia. GNE-265 £24.95
3 x 10m Rolls 30cm dia. GNE-266 £69.85 - SAVE £5
   17.5cm Dia. Sleeve Roll
   30cm Dia. Sleeve Roll
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