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   20mm diamond roof netting
 Single Sided Brace
Mid Brace
  25mm square steel section
1.5mm thick wall
   We can design and manufacture a cage to almost any size including
multi-doored, slopes, angled sides and totally bespoke designs. Please call 0333 400 1444 or email
Anextra30cmontheuprightsofallsteelcagesinsertsdirectly into the ground. Ground sockets are optional and further improve the already exceptional stability of the cage structure in soft soil or windy areas. Ground sockets easily hammer 50cm into the ground, protected by a driving cap.
Hole Former ARC-021 £12.00
Steel Ground Socket GDN-797 £7.50
Driving Cap (only one required) GDN-798 £7.50
Steel Foot Plate GDN-108 £12.00
Optional Additional Steel Door Kit GDN-105 £115.00
Optional Brace Kits (not applicable to Decorative Cages)
Braces give extra rigidity when cages are exposed to high winds or softer soil. As a guide, cages up to 6m square require braces for the corners only, whilst larger size
cages should have at least the middle
• UKsourcedextrastrength1.5mmthickwallx25mmsquare steel uprights and cross bars that are 2m above ground to top of the door. Galvanised inside and out and powder coated textured matt black for an attractive long lasting finish.
• Steelreinforcedconnectorsprovideultimatestabilityandfit
inside the bar for a flush and neat finish.
• Premiumquality16mmsquaremeshsidenetting.
• Premiumqualityroofnetting-20mmdiamondmeshneton Superior Cage and 19mm square premium knotted mesh on Decorative Peak Cages (see p.18/19).
• Quotes available for anti-pigeon and butterfly netting - call 0333 400 6400.
• The1.95mhighx78cmwidedoorcanbeinstalledonanyside of the cages.
• Features an extra strength diagonal steel support brace, high quality nylon and stainless steel hinges, foot plates to keep the door rigid and secures with a stainless steel sliding catch.
upright braced on sides over 6m. The single sided brace is ideal eithersideofwhereadoor prevents a corner brace or
mid brace.
Corner Brace GDN-102 £40.00
Mid Brace GDN-101 £40.00
Single Sided Brace GDN-107 £34.00
Please call 0333 400 6400 foradviceon optional construction accessories
Door Hinge
Ground socket shown with foot plate

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