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Designed to fit both our wooden and metal raised beds perfectly, these hoop and cover kits cater for the different protection challenges in the garden and offer quick access and closing up.
• Heavy duty, galvanised rust resistant steel hoops fit securely to the insides of our beds with the supplied brackets and screws.
• All hoops are 19mm diameter but heights vary according to width size (see table). 1.2m long beds = 2 hoops. 1.8m & 2.4m long beds = 3 hoops.
• Insect-Mesh cover (wooden beds only) eases round the bed, tightens with drawstring and secures to sides with supplied hooks.
• All other covers secure inside the bed with ground pegs (not supplied see p.37).
0.6m x 1.2m (0.48m x 0.57m)
0.6m x 2.4m (0.48m x 0.57m)
1.2m x 1.8m (1.07m x 1.04m)
A. Butterfly Net cover has a strong, soft and pliable 7mm knitted mesh. Keeps out the Cabbage White Butterfly and birds.
B. Mesh Vented PVC cover
combines strong, extra thick
UV stabilised PVC with large
zipped full width dual skinned
PVC & insect-mesh panels on
both sides. Unzip to reveal the insect-mesh panel or fully unzip and roll up for direct access.
C. Insect-Mesh cover is an ultra fine 0.25mm x 0.8mm mesh size to keep out the smallest of pests. UV stabilised for longevity, it allows air and water to circulate, provides shade and protects against weather elements - including mild frosts.
GNE-305 £76.00
GNE-307 £112.00
GNE-309 £125.00
 Harrod Fitted Hoops & Cover Kits Covers available separately online
Hoops slot into brackets
                   Bed Size
(Hoop size in brackets)
       1.2m x 1.2m (1.07m x 1.04m)
1.2m x 2.4m (1.07m x 1.04m)
A. Harrod Hoops & Butterfly Net Kit
All Superior Wooden Metal Beds Beds
GNE-316 £80.00
GNE-317 £105.00
GNE-318 GNE-639 £107.00 £120.00
GNE-636 £99.00
GNE-637 £95.00
GNE-638 £115.00
B. Harrod Hoops & Mesh Vented PVC Kit
All Superior Wooden Metal Beds Beds
GNE-323 £120.00
GNE-106 £110.00
GNE-107 £155.00
GNE-108 GNE-645 £165.00 £175.00
GNE-642 £140.00
GNE-643 £130.00
GNE-644 £165.00
C. Harrod Hoops & Insect Mesh Kit
All Wooden Beds
     0.6m x 1.8m (0.48m x 0.57m)
GNE-313 £62.00
GNE-314 £85.00
GNE-315 £87.00
GNE-634 £60.00
GNE-635 £95.00
GNE-321 £90.00
GNE-322 £115.00
GNE-640 £90.00
GNE-641 £130.00
GNE-306 £108.00
  GNE-308 £96.00
  14 I • 0333 400 1500 (local rate)
GNE-310 £135.00

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