Garden Watering & Pond Care

Essential garden watering equipment to keep your garden plants and vegetables healthy, and a range of pond care products including covers and netting for garden ponds.

Regular watering is vital to keep your garden plants and vegetables in good shape and it’s difficult to understate just how important it is to water to your fruit, vegetables and flowering plants regularly throughout the growing season.

We’ve got a real diverse line-up of watering equipment available designed to help keep plants happy; high capacity water butts with all the trimmings, micro irrigation kits for garden-wide water distribution, low pressure soaker hoses and quality hosepipes barely scratch the surface with automated watering kits exceptionally popular during the holiday months.

We’re keen to extol the virtues of garden ponds too - we can all imagine relaxing peacefully with only the gentle sound of trickling water to disturb us but ponds are a complex eco-system too and attract many beneficial garden creatures, so taking care of your pond is high up on our priority list.

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