Our carefully chosen kitchenware range includes jam making and preserving equipment, food preparation utensils, stylish bottles and jars.

It's often said that the garden exists to serve the kitchen - it's one of the reasons why we've added these top quality food preparation products to our range. 

That and the fact that we garden and grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs with the intention of cooking up fabulous sauces, garnishes, purees, salads, preserves and an infinite number of mouth watering kitchen creations, all based on that unique taste of fresh, home-grown produce. You just can't beat it!

Even if you don't grow many - or any - of your own fruit, vegetables or herbs, you'll still be able to enjoy the benefits of adding colanders, mandolines, ricers, traditional glass jars and bottles, presses and many other can't-do-without, top-of-the-range kitchen untensils to your culinary armoury. We thoroughly recommend you get those taste buds tingling by browsing through the products we've brought together - and when you're enjoying those home-made sauces, salads and desserts, think of us!

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