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Welcome to our Garden Blog, where we let you know what we’re up to in the garden and anything we think might be of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Jo and Stephanie, from sowing to harvesting and even great recipes, we hope you enjoy following our gardening exploits! 


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Which obelisks are suitable for climbing roses

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Harrod on 30 June 2015

We are great obelisk gardeners and have a number of competitor obelisks going strong, some a bit flaky by now. However when you introduced your obelisks we had two and then two more as they are far superior to the competitor ones and are sturdier and easier to erect ! We have David Austin hybrid roses trained up them and they are now in flower.

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What are the Caterpillars in my Garden

Posted in Category Pest Control by Harrod on 29 June 2015

Caterpillars develop from eggs laid by Moths and Butterflies. There are many different species and many that produce caterpillars damaging to plants. Some of the most damaging for brassica plants are the cabbage white caterpillars; the large cabbage white (Pieris brassicae) and the small cabbage white (Pieris rapae).

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Fruit Press and Fruit Pressing

Posted in Category Harvesting and Storage by Harrod on 26 June 2015

A fruit press and fruit crusher are invaluable if you're faced with an orchard full of apples and pears that you want to turn into fresh fruit juice or make into cider

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Cheer up your garden with raised vegetable beds

Posted in Category Raised Beds by Harrod on 24 June 2015

In a recent blog post by the Hip Horticulturist they discussed 5 ways to cheer up a garden shed this summer and talked about how our wooden raised beds can transform the look of any garden.

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Weekly Kitchen Garden Blog - planting out leeks

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Jo on 22 June 2015

This week In Stephanie's Kitchen Garden we will be planting out our leeks. It's a little later than we would normally like to plant them, but they always follow our new potatoes into the ground and these are a little late being harvested due to the cold spring. The leeks are good size plants though, so should have plenty of time to get to a good size before the winter.

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