Composting & Plants

Create nutrient rich compost with our wide range of compost bins and compost tumblers, and keep lawns in tip top shape with our lawn care products.

Recycling  is now a major issue and we've put our extensive composting knowledge to good use to bring together a range of composting products which will all produce excellent garden compost and by recycling will also benefit our precious environment at the same time.

Although producing compost at home is left down to nature, it's rather more of a task to create enough of our own soil so we've called in the experts here to help.  Rolawn are widely recognised as being the market leaders in providing the best quality topsoil and turf.

Quality lawn tools and lawn care products are a given if you want to keep your lush green lawn looking that way; when you consider what a lawn has to go through each year, it's hardly surprising that a little TLC is required!

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